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Are you wondering what your next move will be in the automation industry?

We can help. We listen to your career goals and needs so that we can thoroughly understand where you’d like to focus your energy. This gives us special insight into which clients may be a good match for you. Below is a non-inclusive list of some of the industries where we have conducted searches.

 Automotive  Machine control  Packaging  Systems integration
 Bottling and canning  Material handling  Pharmaceutical  Vision systems
 Chemical  Mining  Process control  Wastewater
 Conveyor systems  Oil and gas  Robotics

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One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our accessibility. We return phone calls promptly. We keep you updated with any new developments in the hiring process. If you need help with the interview process, we can provide that as well.

One of our principals has been a control engineer himself for over 20 years, which gives us an extensive knowledge about the industry. We understand our candidates’ needs because we have been there too.

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When you join our community, you can be assured that your resume will be viewed by leaders looking to fill many sought-after jobs in the automation industry. We treat each and every one of our candidates with respect.

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