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Finding the most qualified candidate to fill your automation needs can be a time consuming task.

From resume reviews, internet queries and phone calls to the interviewing and selection process, hiring is a resource-heavy endeavor. When done in-house, the process is often handed to someone who is already juggling a tight schedule.

Finding a good engineer can be a full time job in itself. Automation candidates are in short supply, so how do you find a qualified match for your company? What is the best way to allocate the task so that it does not slow down other departments while ensuring that your employees still have time to focus on their day-to-day undertakings?

Finding you a great automation engineer is our day-to-day undertaking.

The recruiters here at Control Resource Network work one-on-one with each client to find the most relevant, qualified and inspired group of candidates available. Since one of our principals has been a controls engineer himself for over 20 years, we possess an inside perspective on the industry that is unmatched by many other recruiting agencies.

Our meticulous screening process ensures that the candidates you’ll be interviewing have demonstrated the ability to become a valuable asset to your company. These are men and women who contain the passion and drive to meet your control engineering needs with dedication.

Are you searching for controls engineers…?

We can find great candidates because of our dedication to both clients and to the controls engineering community. We have successfully matched many clients with great candidates in multiple industries. Our 20 years’ of experience ensures that we are fully qualified to find the most significant skill sets for your needs.

Controls is our area of expertise…

When it comes to technology and networking skills, our community of automation engineers has many assets. We rely on our extensive database to rapidly find and communicate with a multitude of talented individuals to find results for you.

We understand your controls engineering needs. We look forward to working with you.


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